Christianity and the Occult: The Occult goes to Church

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CHRISTIANITY AND THE OCCULT: The American Church infiltratedCHRISTIANITY AND THE OCCULT: The American Church infiltrated by occult imagery.


References to the Occult Phoenix Permeate the Church


While not exactly a love affair, American Christianity has long made a compromising peace with occult imagery and practices.  (A brief history will be the subject of an upcoming article.)  But the occult references have REALLY taken off during these first 14 years of the 21st century.

From The Circle Maker to lyrics in popular Christian “praise and worship” songs, one can’t do a little research into American Christianity without tripping over references to the occult which permeate the Church.

What brought this all about was a Christian website this writer stumbled across yesterday, which had a story about a (presumably) Christian boy.  Long story short: the boy’s house burned down but something good came out of the house burning down.  The next to last…

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