Alert humanity at risk: the crust of the Earth fracture in an area where there are no known volcanoes


Une importante fissure qui s'agrave. A large crack that agrave.
A large crack that agrave day after day.

UntilJune 6, 2014, the Indian continenthad not seenactivevolcanismduringthe last 60million years.On6 June 2014, a crackopenedin the groundnear the village ofGadiyainKangra districtof the stateHimachalPradesh, India. Flames,gas andvolcanicmagmacame outof aholefouryards wide, soil and researchersofficeof IndianGeological Surveyconfirmed thatmagmais, is the productionoflava thatcomesfrom deep withinthe earth andpiercedthe crust.

Photo récente de l'événement.Recent picture of the event. Recent picture of the event.

This is the first volcanic eruption ever seen in India, because the man was not there when the latter arrived there 65 million years ago at the end of the Cretaceous period.

The Deccan Traps marked the last, breaking the crust releasing a large effusion of magma in India.

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