Vidrebel July 4th. A Warning To The Nations.

Video Rebel's Blog

People in foreign countries cannot imagine how far and how fast America has fallen. I seriously question whether or not America will celebrate Independence Day next year and again in 2016. We all know the Bilderberg Society would love us to celebrate Interdependence Day in 2016 or 2017 after we have merged with the European Union and with Canada and Mexico. No freedom for anyone. Just mindless rules and constant surveillance. And the rich will continue to rob the poor.

The latest news is that some state security service has loaded a Stuxnet like virus into the computers that control the power grid of the European Union and America. The Central Banks of Europe, the UK, Canada and America have all agreed that in case the banks fail that the bankers should just take their depositors money. A billionaire recently warned the elite that people with pitch forks were coming…

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