Guard your hearts and minds.

Hear His Heart

Greetings Dear Saints,

Today I wish to share something that has been on my heart lately regarding certain events that have been taking place in Ferguson, Missouri.

I will keep this short and to the point as the Lord has led me.

The enemy is using events and the media to establish indomitable opinions in people’s minds and hearts to prepare people to take sides in the coming civil unrest.

It is so important that we keep our minds and hearts focused on Christ and do not allow ourselves to form opinions in these intense matters.  If we allow ourselves to get caught up in forming opinions, then we will become susceptible to the coming civil wars that are coming to both inside and outside of the church.

I have a feeling that something very tragic and impactful may happen that will start the massive civil unrest.  So we are to…

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Hamas Grows Stronger in West Bank with Israeli ‘Help’!

Socio-Economics History Blog Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

  • Cui bono in all these? Obviously, Zionist ‘666’ Israel, the Satanic counterfeit. They can continue with their genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians while putting the blame on them as terrorists. In reality, Hamas is the creation of Zionist ‘666’ Israel and is a controlled opposition under the thumb of the Zionists! Unfortunately, the Christian sheeple are the easily deceived and manipulated useful idiots when it comes to Zionist ‘666’ Israel, the Satanic counterfeit!
  • Christian Zionists are probably/likely complicit, unknowingly, in the genocide and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians by supporting Zionist ‘666’ Israel. I don’t know how they are going to answer to the Blessed Son of God, Jesus Christ, when they realize that the semitic Palestinians are in…

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Ex Mossad Victor Ostrovsky: Mossad Creates and Controls Islamic Extremist Groups and Uses Them As Patsies!!

Socio-Economics History Blog

  • The entire E-book is at the bottom of post!

    Quotes from : The Other Side of Deception!
    by Victor Ostrovsky
    Mossad Creates and Controls Islamic Extremist Groups and Uses Them As Patsies
    “Supporting the radical elements of Muslim fundamentalism sat well with the Mossad’s general plan for the region. An Arab world run by fundamentalists would not be a party to any negotiations with the West, thus leaving Israel again as the only democratic, rational country in the region. And if the Mossad could arrange for the Hamas (Palestinian fundamentalists) to take over the Palestinian streets from the PLO, then the picture would be complete.”
    – The Other Side of Deception – pg. 197

    Jewish Banksters Finance Mossad
    “Had this been a normal Mossad operation, he could have gotten as much money as he wanted from a bank sayan-a Jewish banker who is regarded as trustworthy and will…

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