Hidden Meaning of Polaris

Occult Messages Freed

Welcome to this blog, I will decode the word Polaris using tarot and numbers.

POLARIS=97=16 Tower card- Destruction and mayham

This word means the judge and jury of this world, a truth star it truly is.  It is the destroyer and the freedom giver,  and is the divine justice force in this star form.  It gives the direction of fate, thus being in the North, it is connected with Typhon.  This star is represented by the people flying out of the tower in the rider waite tarot deck of the Tower.  Also towers were astrological beacons and measurers that were used to forecast the universe and fate.  Towers were originally mountains, especially situated in the North.  The north Pole, the polaris star is its name. 

The north pole is also Eden in some respects.  The north pole is represented by a stone, a lions mouth, serpents mouth, a crocidiles mouth, etc.  A mouth is…

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