“Africans Are a Cancer Inside an Israelis Body” Says Majority of Israelis

the real Syrian Free Press

Democracynow has done an excellent video interview with Max Blumenthal about Israels TRUE INTENTIONS for Palestinians, and many other things Israel is doing that the public is unaware of.


Israeli crimes 2

Israeli crimes 3

Max explains the crimes committed by Israel and the opinions of Israelis in a book he has just written called GOLIATH – Life and Loathing in Greater Israel.

max Blumenthal book

During Bibis recent speech to the UN, Bibi said “Iran” 50 times, and the word “Peace” three times Says Max.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Obama was forced to sit and listen to Bibi for 2 1/2 hours. The “Bibi Babysitter”

Netanyahu uses Iran to whitewash what he is doing to Palestinians

Bibi understands Israel is committing human rights violations

Israel seeks the expulsion of Africans from Israel

Africans are a cancer inside an Israelis body

Human experiments are being done to Palestinian Prisoners

Israels Nuclear Weapons

2013-01-27 Israeli Elections Netanyahu Wall Cartoon

This interview shows the true face of evil called “Israel.” Max…

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