The seriousness of the hour.

Hear His Heart

During my time with the Lord today, He said these words to me: Son, tell My people about the serious of the hour.

Word from the Father:

My people, many of you still have not taken into account the seriousness of the hour in which you live.  Many of you are still lackadaisical about the things to come, and My warnings.

Listen to Me intently this day, My little ones.  Soon, and I say VERY soon, everything is about to change.  Does not My word speak of a darkness that shall cover the earth and people in the last days?  Then listen to Me.  None of you can comprehend just how intense this gross darkness is.  But I know, as I know and see ALL things.

And have I not warned and warned My people of the things to soon come upon the earth?  Then why?  Why do many of you still…

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