SATAN’S CHILDREN (A Study On The Kenites)


Satans Children
Lesson Objective: In this lesson we hope to purge and go very deep into the question: Who are the children of Satan? I am not speaking figuratively of some people whom represent Satan’s Children but I am actually referring to the literal physical children of Satan himself. Yes they do exist, they are a reality and  are very much alive and somewhat in control of things right now in the present time. So in this intense Bible study session which has taken me over two months of continuous reserach to bring to you, I plan to Raise and hopefully answer these follwing questions. 1. Who Are The Kenites, 2. Who Are The Tares among the wheat Mentioned in the Parable of the Tares, as well as go over the horticulture of the Tares themselves? 3. Who we’re the Rachabites and How did their people get mixed in with…

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