Questions From The Persecuted: Where Are All The Christians? Why Won’t Anyone Save Us? Our Brethren In Thailand Need Us

I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel Of Christ!


What is our crime?  What crime has our children committed?  Where are all the Christians?  These are questions I hear over and over again from Pakistani Christians in Thailand.  These brethren are suffering immensely.  They are in hiding, they watch as one by one their homes are raided as they are pulled from the squallor they are hiding in only to be taken to a detention center like common criminals.  Their crime?  Fleeing certain death from a country who has the worst stats and reputation for persecuting Christians.  Persecuted for a faith in Christ.  Persecuted because they dare to exist.  And they have left one ‘hell’ for another.  Their safety is non-existent, tortured for fleeing death.  Where is the justice in this?  Where is the UNHCR?  Where is the outcry from the West?

Letter to the Government of Thailand

"Thai Parliament House" by Sodacan - Own work. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons - “Thai Parliament House” by Sodacan – Own work. Licensed under Public…

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