Consequences of Toxic Alumina Aerosols Linked To Ocean Phytoplankton

Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

NOTE:  This article points out the delicate balance of oxygen producing phytoplankton at continued risk of being altered by the past two decades of aerosol geoengineering with millions of tons of alumina sprayed over the oceans of planet earth. The decline of planetary phytoplankton by exposure to alumina toxicity could accelerate the volume of CO2 at increasing rates above the current 404 PPM as oxygen production from life-sustaining phytoplankton declines.

Oceans Are Dying-2

Scientists Find Link Between Ocean Bacteria and Atmosphere (Source)

Researchers at the UCSD Center for Aerosol Impacts on Climate and the Environment recently found a direct correlation between marine bacteria’s consumption of phytoplanktonto properties of clouds. The discovery was made during research observing airborne marine particle contribution to cloud formation at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and was published in American Chemical Society Central Science on May 18.

The findings confirmed an oceanic factor as a determinant to the…

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2015: This Summer Of Our Discontent Might Be Our Last Chance to Say Or Do Anything.

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Evil men are making plans for your summer. A former  NATO commander was talking about World War III breaking out. If we are lucky it won’t be nuclear. The Israelis are talking in their press about ‘Mowing the Lawn’ in Lebanon. That is a code word for killing civilians. All of this war talk is to be expected. Citizens in the Banker occupied nations of Europe and North America can expect war scares whenever the politicians need to distract us from the grim reality that our corrupt and greedy governments are causing the economy to sink like a rock.

I think we can avoid nuclear war if Netanyahu can be restrained but I would strongly urge you to do whatever you can this year so we still have the freedom to say No to the Bankers and to Israel next year. Wall Street and the City of London are very…

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