7/7 London Bombings, 10th Anniversary of Mossad Terrorist Attack.

Iceni Rising


Any and all who’ve even slightly researched the 77 bombings will know who did it, the military know who did it, politicians and police know who did it, the medias know who did it, mossad henchman Juval Aviv is even on camera putting his noahide foot in it here at 1:26 mins:

A drill that went live, simple, as was 911, Boston marathon bombing, Sandy Hook, the Lee Rigby beheading, and on and on…..

444 later they gave us

LONDON BOMBINGS 07/07/2005 [777]

Blairs popularity was fading and Israel is pissed at the uk for a gas deal with egypt, not to mention the agenda, Blair is a fabian, a 33 degree mason and high in the illuminati, hence his blatant psychopathic traits go unmentioned in the zionist controlled uk politics and media.

He has put 100 year secrecy acts on the Dunblane massacre and 70 years on Dr David…

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