Mass Casualty Bus Seen In Texas As Reuters Warns Of Civil Unrest, Food Shortages: ‘The Risks Of An Event Are Growing, And It Could Be Unprecedented In Scale And Extent’


Military Electronic Warfare Expert Warns of Covert Genocide

Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

USAF Electronic Warfare Center

Since the 1950s, Soviet/Russian and U.S. Militaries have  been researching electromagnetic frequencies to determine which are the most harmful to humans.

youtube-icon-square-66Jerry Flynn SpeakUpandStayAlive’s channel Apr 13, 2015

Oct, 2012 – National Day Of Action Against Smart Meters with Jerry Flynn (Video)

.April 29, 2015

James G. (“Jerry”) Flynn, Captain (Retired)
5181 Gainsberg Road,
Bowser, B.C., V0R 1G0
778 424-9609

Parliamentary Health Committee (HESA) 2015
Ottawa, ON. Canada

Dear Committee Members,

Safety Code 6 plus Corruption = An Emerging Genocide!

Distinguished international scientists and leading health researchers in the recondite science of non-ionizing radiation know that the most dangerous threat to human health – EVER – is the ongoing, unchecked proliferation of wireless radio devices, such as Smart Meters, baby monitors, cell phones, cell phone towers, cordless phones, Wi-Fi routers, Wi-Fi and WiMAX installations (which can blanket entire major cities!), GPS, Bluetooth, tablet and laptop computers, Interactive…

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Season of Restoration.

Hear His Heart

Word from the Lord:

Oh My faithful ones, I say to you all this day to come unto Me and allow Me to restore and heal all that the enemy has stolen and taken from you.  You must do this now in this season, My chosen ones.

For in the short days ahead there shall be great chaos and disasters everywhere and I need My people ready to respond to the broken hearts crying out to Me.

Listen to Me, I desire for you all this day to let go of your past. Let go of hurts, disappointments and setbacks. Even if you have failed in your walk with Me, now is a time of great grace for you to be restored back to Me. But do not waver in this season and thus miss this opportunity.

For soon, there shall be gross darkness across the land like never before known to…

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