Par | ISIS attacks | Ritual sacrifice to Mars | Roman God of War


Eiffel tower

Par | ISIS looking up to Nimrod’s phallic structure

While France has extended its state of emergency for three months and Brussels is currently on a terror lockdown, the reactive call for war and military retaliation in the Middle East is equaled by tightening of the control grid domestically.

We are witnessing an upscaling and spilling over of the war on terror which in actual fact constitutes a war for the people’s’ sovereignty in thought, will, emotions and actions, both in the spiritual and physical realm.

Spiritual weapons and armor (being grounded in Biblical truth and fully equipped with Ephesians 6 armor) as well as people’s material equipment and weaponry and other means of influence and resistance are being seized, limited and lured away to render them powerless.

The spiritual roots of the latest ISIS attack are reflected in Paris’ ground plan which, after closer examination, represents the temple of Mars, the…

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