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Here is the mind which has wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman sits… Rev.17:9

7 Mountains DOMINIONISM: Where the different Evangelical Movements converge as one.

I see 3 completely different camps of Evangelical DOMINIONISM converging. These three Christian movement camps think they have nothing to do with each other. Not so.
They are all pushing for global DOMINIONISM. Rather than teaching their members to follow Christ, they are teaching them to be change agents.

Do the followers of these movements see this yet?

I see the convergence is unfolding before our eyes.

1. The Charismatic, NAR, “Army of God”, Rick Joyner/ Elijah List type DOMINIONISM.
2. The  Modernist, Neo-Evangelical, BillyGraham/RickWarren/Campus Crusade/YWAM type DOMINIONISM.
3. The Intellectual, Authoritarian, Neo-Calvnist Reformed, Crown Rights to rule/Rushdoony/Reconstructionism type DOMINIONISM.

They are all “7 Mountains” in their goal for political, religious, cultural & economic dominion,  “World Evangelization” , “converting the…

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Sixty-Six Million Christians Murdered By Jewish Bolsheviks

Mystery Worshiper's Blog

The Mass Murder of Russian Christians and the Destruction of their Churches, by Lasha Darkmoon

STALIN’S JEWS (See here)

The other day I received a polite email from one of my many critics. He was less than satisfied with a controversial statement I had made in one of my articles. He had detected what appeared to be a serious discrepancy in what I had written about the Bolshevik Jews who had engineered the Russian Revolution (1917) and had managed to kill, in the process, some 66 million Russian Christians.

Here is what my critic had to say:

Email from Mark. E. Moore,
February 12, 2013
RE: The Building of
Synagogues under Stalin

Dear Lasha:

In your online article, “Satan’s Secret Agents: the Frankfurt School and their Evil Agenda (posted 02/13/13), you wrote:

“In the Soviet Union, under Stalin and his…

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Earth changes intensifying: Volcanoes across the globe go ballistic as 2016 arrives

The Extinction Protocol

Colima Volcano
February 2016MEXICOA volcano eruption in western Mexico has sent a spectacular plume of smoke and ash high into the air. Colima volcano is one of three that make up the Colima Volcanic Complex, near the west coast of Mexico. It is one of the most active volcanoes in the country and has erupted more than 40 times, including several times in the past few years. The volcano is permanently monitored by the University of Colima. –ABC
Kilauea VolcanoHawaii: (Jan 10, 2016) Nature’s fury was on full display as a rock fall in Hawaii cause an impressive explosion at Kilauea volcano. Volcano watchers recorded the massive explosion on Friday morning, when rocks splashed into the lake of lava at Halemaumau crater. These types of explosions are likely to occur when the lava lake level is relatively high, as it was on Friday, scientists…

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We are to be holy as He is holy.

Hear His Heart

In my time with the Lord, He said these words to me: Son, tell my people to pray….

Word from the Lord:

My children; listen to what I would say to you this day.  I have great things in store for many of you.  Although, I have this to say; you MUST let go of your OWN preconceived notions of Me and My ways WHICH YOU HAVE ESTABLISHED IN YOUR HEARTS.You must make sure that what you believe truly lines up with My word, for I shall do a new thing in the earth, of which, if I were to tell you of it, you would not believe it except by revelation of My Spirit.

However, I do tell you this; many have believed on Me for My rewards, healings, promises, etc.  Yet, I tell you this day that it is My desire that you also believe on…

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Henry Makow Blockbuster: “Confessions of a Luciferian Jew”. WOW!

The Story Behind The Story

This post is an expansion of my earlier writing:


I’ll try to make this as simple and as uncomplicated as possible.

Three truths:

1. The guiding “book” for the Edomite “Jews” is officially called THE BABYLONIAN TALMUD.

2.  Edomites that infiltrated “Israel” during the time of John Hyrcanus worshiped the Babylonian deity Baal – also known as the “Sun God” (aka Lucifer – the Son of the Morning – the God of the East).

3.  They became proficient in Luciferian “Black Magic” by means of the BLACK INTERDIMENSIONAL CUBE/HEXAGRAM- aka the Caballa.   This is also the primary SOURCE of the black cube worshiped by the Muslims at Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Now you know why MUSLIM “terrorists” (aka Al-Quaida) are in reality bloodline Edomites – the same basic Babylonian religion and race as the tribe occupying “the Holy Land” today.   Now you know who really financially controls “Al Cia-Duh” behind…

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The Story Behind The Story

This is a very complex and multi-faceted topic.  It involves exposing something called “Kabalah” (the CUBE) as well as “Enochian Magic” and the darkest sorcery ever performed on Planet Earth.   It involves exposing demonology and inter-dimensional “conjuring” of entities called Nephilim or Jinn.   In short, this topic exposes the very antithesis of PURE, UNDEFILED CHRISTIANITY – which simply is the “Edomite-Jew” Sorcerers and their Satanic rituals.

You see, in order for the Sons and Daughters of Cain (or Kane as they are sometimes known, either a female “Mother Goddess” or male “SORCERER”) to punch a hole in this earth’s electromagnetic plane, (aka the ‘veil’, aka ‘the Watchtowers’, aka the ‘enmity’ between the children of Eve and Satan) certain protocols of quantum physics must be followed.   The BLACK CUBE (Kabalah) has instructed the literal Children of Satan the world over how the conjuring and controlling of powerful demonic entities (they…

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