Henry Makow Blockbuster: “Confessions of a Luciferian Jew”. WOW!

The Story Behind The Story

This post is an expansion of my earlier writing:


I’ll try to make this as simple and as uncomplicated as possible.

Three truths:

1. The guiding “book” for the Edomite “Jews” is officially called THE BABYLONIAN TALMUD.

2.  Edomites that infiltrated “Israel” during the time of John Hyrcanus worshiped the Babylonian deity Baal – also known as the “Sun God” (aka Lucifer – the Son of the Morning – the God of the East).

3.  They became proficient in Luciferian “Black Magic” by means of the BLACK INTERDIMENSIONAL CUBE/HEXAGRAM- aka the Caballa.   This is also the primary SOURCE of the black cube worshiped by the Muslims at Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Now you know why MUSLIM “terrorists” (aka Al-Quaida) are in reality bloodline Edomites – the same basic Babylonian religion and race as the tribe occupying “the Holy Land” today.   Now you know who really financially controls “Al Cia-Duh” behind…

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