L.A. Mid-Air Collision Fiasco

Pop quiz, hotshot: Is this picture A) courtesy of Michael Bay, or B) the current #2 headline picture on LA Times? Trick question, it’s both. Probably. Might as well be. Two planes crashed off the coast of Los Angeles this afternoon, 2/5/16. The crash was reported at — 3:30 pm. WHAT DO YOU KNOW. I wish I’d kept track of how many of these stories involve a 3:30 time. Because I’d estimate it’s at least 80%. And this supposed midair collision happened outside SAN PEDRO =330. Doesn’t Super Bowl start at 3:30 too?

And I do not think it a coincidence that the LO of Long Beach is covered in the CNN map (below). NG BEACH =66/40. If you’re not familiar with those numbers, just read the latest few posts. Ng Beach sounds a lot like Chinese ownership. Like whatever if anything goes down on Super Bowl Sunday, disaster-wise, is…

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