Standing Rock and the Indian Loss

The Dakota Access Pipeline Protests at Standing Rock is deep entwined with the Indians losing the World Series and the occult mega-ritual therein, as was firmly forecasted over and over again through subliminal media messaging. Consider this week’s Monday Night Football game where the lowly Bears beat the powerhouse Vikings, the bear a major symbol of Native American mythology and the Vikings representing the imperialist power. And now the flip, the Cubs beating the Indians, destroyed by their own beliefs. All this coinciding with the largest Indian protest in 100 years, the people standing up to the Corporation that owns claim to their lives. Victory for the big C Chicago, the HQ capital of Judeo-Masonic power in North America – the continent built on the bones of genocide and the inner circle that continues to dominate and subjugate from beyond the veil; operating their rigged sports as mind control, choreographed…

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