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The Men In Black And # Winner Takes Earth

Are they telling us a Bio Attack is coming?


Thanks to Conspiracy Theorist.

It seems Operation PRISM rumbles on and it’s colour coded. Over the weekend, eleven mysterious men dressed in black robes were seen at football games in Europe at Chelsea, Juventus and Bayern Munich. ‘The Men in Black’ or ‘Code Black’. Someone paid for the flights and I doubt if it was ‘The Men in Black’. Click Footyblast.


And in Rome, Pope Francis was seen with the ‘Boy in Yellow’.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen the ‘Woman in Red’ with the Miriam Carey incident and the Karmel Allison / Obama fainting episode.


And not forgetting ‘Code Pink’.

stop spying

Linked to ‘The Men in Black’ is a strange marketing campaign of sorts, as the symbol on their shirts has been showing up across the world in such places as Sugerloaf Mountain in Brazil, Times Square in New York and a football pitch in London. The tagline is ‘#…

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