The Return of Nero

United States Prophecy

The return of Nero The Return of Nero

This is an important message to all Christians, Jews and American citizens.

Approximately on the first of May, the Holy Spirit gave me a very powerful word for this nation, the USA, that the following three things are getting ready to hit America.

1. The Red Horse in the book of Revelation Chapter 6, and its rider is getting ready to take his sword and slam America. Peace shall be taken off the United States and men shall start to fight and kill one another. It will be mother against daughter, father against son, neighborhood against neighborhood, city against city, state against state, East against West, North against the South. The horrors that are getting ready to come are beyond imagination.

2. The Spirit of Nero is getting ready to be unleashed upon America, and the world, and this is the spirit of Antichrist. Great pain…

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The EXTRAORDINARY Properties of Water! Viktor Schauberger’s Amazing Story!

The Story Behind The Story

What was the REAL REASON for the Allied fire-bombing of Dresden Germany in February, 1945?   Could it have been due to the fact that Dresden was the planet’s research heart of Homeopathy and Naturopathy/Cellular Nutrition?   Could it be that during the 30’s Dresden was unlocking the secrets of the STRUCTURE (Firmament) of Water within Water?  (See Genesis 1:6).

This is an amazing video.  You owe it to yourself to watch and learn.

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