6/12/2013 — United States Directed Energy Warfare Office — High Powered Microwaves (HPM)

Directed energy weapons take many forms.  From EMP (electromagnetic pulses) to HPM (high powered microwaves), several weaponized forms of Radio Frequency are being developed.

These .pdf’s from the US Navy Directed Energy Warfare Office (DEWO) show multiple applications for defensive / offensive Radio Frequency weaponry.

Many people have fallen behind the times in regards to understanding what capabilities are being developed, and what current next generation weapons are being deployed.



download the full .pdf directly from my site here:


Screenshots of a few pages from the document:

high powered microwaves HPM weapons


Also… another great read here: “Progress in Directed Energy Weapons”


download the .pdf directly from my site here:


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Protection in the coming chaos and rioting.

Hear His Heart

Word from the Father:

Oh, My children, hear your Heavenly Father this day.  Soon chaos and rioting will be the norm.  I do not want you unprotected when this happens.  It is imperative that you all get close to Me now.  Seek Me in your secret closets, the secret chambers of your hearts.  Get alone with Me, and often.  If you would draw nigh unto Me, I will draw nigh unto you.

Now listen to your Heavenly Father this day.  When chaos and rioting fills the streets, I do not want any of you to be in harm’s way. Therefore, you each must learn to be led by My Spirit even in the smallest of details throughout your day.  And each morning you must seek Me in what you should do for that day.  It may be that I will tell you not to leave your home for work.  This…

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Changes coming.

Hear His Heart

Greetings Dear Saints,

I would like to share with the Body of Christ what I have been feeling in my spirit lately.

A few years back before the Lord began using me to warn His people to prepare for the coming days, I kept hearing these words ringing in my spirit ‘Woe unto those who are at ease in Zion’.

I knew in my spirit what these words meant.  I knew that a dark storm (spiritually speaking) was coming and many, if not most, Christians are not prepared.  Many are spiritually blind and unaware of the coming gross darkness.  Many are still under the delusion of a pre-tribulation rapture that causes them to believe that they will not be here for what is coming.

In obedience to the Lord, I have put forth His warnings.  Many have scoffed, however many others have heeded.  I pray that all who will have…

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